Govt. Polytechnic College, Perumbavoor

Koovappady.P.O. Ernakulam Dist., Kerala

1Casual Leave (Word format)2Casual Leave (PDF Format)
3Examination malpractice Form A,B,C,D4Medical Certificate
5RTC (Word Format)6RTC (PDF Format)
7GIS-Application for revival of Membership8Self apprisal for GOs
9SITTTR TA Bill10Time bound higher grade- application, declaration
11Form No. 13 - Leave application, Leave surrender12External Faculty
13Scholar Support 14Finishing School
15Visiting Faculty16Govt. Orders Regarding Scheme of Compassionate Employees
17Govt. Order Condonation18Duty Leave for Students
19Govt. Order Condonation Amendment20Govt. Order Ombudsman extended to Polytechnic
21Confidential Report (GO)22Confidential Report (NGO)
23Weekly Off24Kerala Service Rules Volume- I
25Kerala Service Rules Volume- II26Kerala Financial Code Volume - I
27Kerala Financial Code Volume - II28Kerala Treasury Code Vol I (Page 207-404)
29Kerala Treasury Code Volume - I (Page (1-206)30Kerala Treasury Code Volume - II
31Kerala Stores Purchase Manual32Higher Education Department, Kerala
33Finance Department, Kerala