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Mini Industrial Unit

     Mini Industrial unit is sanctioned vide GO. (Rt) No. 1437/2022/HEDN dated 29.09.2023 and will be operational by the financial year 2022-23 end. Establishing with a capital expenditure of Rs.1,16,92,000/- MIU will include

1. Electronic Production Unit (EPU)
EPU will be a cluster of facilities linking the following institutes
  1. Government Polytechnic College Perumbavoor – Lead
  2. Government Polytechnic College Kalamassery – cluster member
  3. Government Women’s Polytechnic College Kalamassery – cluster member
  4. Government Polytechnic College Kothamangalam – cluster member
Mode of operation
  • The in-house design facility available for PAT shall be used for the development of on-demand products.
  • Students of cluster institutions shall be trained on pre-production testing, production, and after- sales support.
  • While the lead institution coordinates the manufacturing, production and assembly shall be distributed.
  • To ensure seamless manufacturing, passed-out students also shall be involved for a limited period or until they are employed.
EPU will offer
  1. Independent Production Unit (IPU) - EPC shall design and manufacture electronic kits, Power supplies, Digital trainer kits, etc for various polytechnic Colleges and shall be sold through competitive bidding. IPU will be in self-sustaining mode.
  2. Turnkey Manufacturing / MoU with MSME, Entrepreneurs

2. Sheet metal fabrication Unit (SFU)
The exclusive Center offer
  • Manufacturing cabinetries for electronic products
  • Manufacture panel boards as turnkey.
Mode of operation
  • SMU shall undertake turnkey jobs in electrical panel manufacturing.
  • Panels are made of EPUs and turnkey.

3. Co-Working space
Co-working spaces are offered to support Entrepreneurs and non-IT start-ups. Furnished cubicles/work space shall be rented out to start-ups and engineering Entrepreneurs. The co-work space creates an industrial environment within the campus.